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The Best Fall Appetizers

Check out all these Fall Appetizers! The best party food and finger foods you will need to throw an amazing autumn party and get everyone else in the holiday spirit!

pinterest collage for fall party appetizers

Fall Appetizers

Fall is in the air I can just feel it!

The temperatures have started to dip below 100 degrees here in Arizona and I am already looking forward to cooler weather months, finally getting to wear warm sweaters, and all the pumpkin treats you can imagine.

If you are as excited about Fall as I am, and you are wanting to throw a “Welcome to Fall” party, this is the post has all the fall foods you need.

Best Fall Foods

When you thin of fall, what foods do you think of? Immediately, I think of apples and pumpkins.

Since there are so many ways to enjoy these, you have endless choices when it comes to what to serve at a fall party. Think pies, cakes, cookies, and cinnamon rolls.

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Can you believe that people love sprouts the most around this time? Followed but all the squashes!

What do you serve at a Fall party?

There are so many options of what to serve at your fall or autumn party. Check out all these recipes below!

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Fall Spiced Nuts

As your guests arrive at the party, you need to have something to keep their hands busy.

A cocktail in one hand allows them to pick up light finger foods and snacks with the other.

Mixed nuts are a great thing to have on hand, as well as a snack mix like Chex, and a Meat and Cheese Platter (Charcuterie Board).

Here is a list of great party starters!

Everything Bagel Nuts just baked on a cookie sheet

1. Everything Bagel Almonds

Everyone loves a snack of healthy nuts and my Everything Bagel Almonds are just that!  Savory, garlicky, oniony, a little salty, and studded with sesame seeds for even more texture.

Be warned, they are addicting!

side view of fall spiced walnuts in a black bowl

2. Fall Spiced Walnuts

These crispy fall spiced walnuts are toasted and covered with a light and crispy sugar coating that is full of Earthy spices. Cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg get you ready for the holidays!

baking sheet of toasted pecans with salt

3. Perfectly Toasted Pecans

This recipe will help you make perfect buttery toasted pecans, or any other type of nuts, to use in a variety of recipes and dishes. Think of all the great pies!

gingersnap pecans

4. Gingersnap Pecans

These toasted gingersnap pecans are covered with a sweet and crispy coating that is bursting with the flavors of gingerbread.

Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and a hint of molasses! Perfect for your next holiday party!

Close up of almonds with lemon thyme in a bowl

5. Lemon Thyme Almonds

The bright flavor lemon cuts through the richness and the fresh thyme add some floral notes. These Lemon Thyme Toasted Almonds are a great snack to keep you full between meal times!

Close up of roasted pumpkin seeds

6. Rosemary Pumpkin Seeds

Fragrant fresh rosemary and little spice make these Rosemary Pepitas a crunchy, delicious, and healthy snack for all year long!

Fall Snack Mixes

While you are waiting around for dinner, grab a handful of these autumn inspired snack mixes that will have you loving sweater weather!

top of jar with granola

7. Homemade Granola

Making your own easy homemade granola will fulfill so many of your breakfast and snacking needs while keeping things healthy and simple.

close up of Buckeye snack mix

8. Buckeye Snack Mix

If you love chocolate and peanut butter you won’t be able to resist this Buckeye Snack Mix. Crunchy, creamy, salty, sweet, and so much chocolate and peanut butter!

overhead of Jerk Spiced Oyster Crackers in a whiite bowl and spilled out on to a wood surface.

9. Jerk Oyster Crackers

Move over Chex mix, Seasoned Oyster Crackers are the best snack you can put on the table, and one of the easiest to make.

Pumpkin Spice Espresso Pretzels spilling out of a cupcake wrapper on to a wood table

10. Pumpkin Spice Espresso Pretzels

With all the pumpkin spice floating around why not put some everyone’s favorite snack and add a little kick to keep you awake through that afternoon slump.

My Pumpkin Spice Espresso Pretzels will be your new favorite after lunch pick-me-up!

bowl of ranch crackers

11. Ranch Oyster Crackers

Move over Chex mix, Ranch Oyster Crackers are the best snack you can put on the table, and one of the easiest to make.

Crispy caramel crack pretzels on a sheet pan and in a glass jar with text "crispy caramel crack pretzels and pecans"

12. Crack Pretzels

Step up your snack game with pretzels and pecans covered with a crispy caramel coating that is addicting! You will be asked back when you bring these crack pretzels as a hostess gift for sure!

bowl of caramel popcorn

13. Salted Caramel Corn

This sweet and salty classic caramel corn recipe will bring you back to childhood!  Made without corn syrup and customizable to your liking will make this a time-honored treat for all generations!

close up of Sriracha black pepper pretzels in a parchment lined metal canister with a spilled on a wood table.

14. Spicy Pretzel Nuggets

My Sriracha Black Pepper Pretzel Nuggets are a crunchy snack, both spicy and salty, that will wow you with a sneaky hint of smoke!

Cheese Platters and Small Bites

You can’t go wrong with a cheese board or charcuterie platter and these fall inspired ones are just what you want to serve at your gathering!

Fill in gaps on the with fresh herbs

15. Epic Cheese Board

Cheese Board is the perfect addition to any holiday party! Full of fruits, meats, cheeses, nuts, and olives, it is perfect for satisfying all your guests at the same time!

Check out all these tips and tricks for making a crowd-pleasing platter for your next crowd!

Cast iron pan with pimento cheese straws in it

16. Pimento Cheese Straws

Pimento cheese is a staple in Waycross, Georgia and cheese straws are ever-present at any gathering of note.

These pimento cheese straws combine the best of both worlds. Crispy, spicy, flaky, and cheesy is the perfect combination of these addicting bites!

great snack for super bowl parties

17. Bacon Crackers

Sweet, Spicy, Salty, Smoky, and Crispy is everything you are craving. My Sweet and Spicy Bacon Crackers are a complete snack that is perfect for Tailgating!

Fall Appetizers

Next let’s get to the heartier, more filling, appetizers. These may still be finger foods but they are perfect for an evening Fall party where you want to serve food but not necessarily full entrees and meals.

These lists also include Fall appetizers for a crowd!

Fall Dips

Dip into something creamy and delicious with all the Earthy flavors of fall!

close up of pumpkin dip with pecans around it

18. Fluffy Pumpkin Dip

Pumpkin Fluff Dip is the perfect fall party appetizer! Sweet and creamy, it tastes like a pumpkin pie!

Mixed with gooey marshmallow cream, fluffy cool whip, and topped with nutty & toasty graham cookies!

pumpkin skillet dip

19. Pumpkin Skillet Dip

Celebrate Fall with a delicious, warm, and gooey, pumpkin goat cheese skillet dip. Decadent, earthy, and aromatic with fresh thyme, rosemary, and sage!

Mushroom Bruschetta spread in a white serving dish with a mini knife spreader sticking out the top and crackers sitting on a wood platter

20. Mushroom Bruschetta Spread

My family’s mushroom spread recipe with a weird name is a great new appetizer for you to serve at a party!

21. Everything Bagel Dip

Your favorite Everything Bagel and “shmear” are now an Everything Bagel dip!

Cream cheese and sour cream combine with Everything Bagel Seasoning to bring it all together.

Serve with bagel chips for the complete experience!

Fall Cheese Balls

A cheese ball is a great party appetizer that you can customize and make ahead of time! These fall cheese balls will be the hit of your gathering!

pumpkin cheese ball on a white platter

22. Pumpkin Cheese Ball

This adorable Pumpkin Cheese Ball is the perfect appetizer for you! A seasoned cream cheese mixture, rolled in crushed tortilla chips, and shaped like a pumpkin!

Overhead of drunken pomegranate goat cheese log, crackers and pretzels on a black platter

23. Pomegranate Cheese Log

Add a little holiday “spirit” to your usual cheese spread with my Drunken Goat Cheese Log.  Creamy goat cheese, toasted pecans, and tangy vodka-spiked pomegranate arils!

Pepper Jelly Bomb cheese balls up close

24. Pepper Jelly Truffles

These bite-size pepper jelly cheese ball bombs are the perfect finger food for your party! Creamy, with a burst of sweet and spicy jelly in the middle, they are a portable snack with an edible handle.

Honey Mustard Cheese Ball on a platter

25. Honey Mustard Cheese Ball

A tangy Honey Mustard Cheese Ball rolled in crushed crackers and homemade pickled mustard seeds will be the highlight of your holiday party. Tasty for both carnivores and vegetarians!

Fall Finger Foods

Next let’s get to the heartier, more filling, appetizers. These may still be finger foods but they are perfect for an evening Fall party where you want to serve food but not necessarily full entrees and meals.

These lists also include Fall appetizers for a crowd!

Close up of cornbread balls with skewers in them

26. Fried Stuffing Balls

What do you do with all that leftover stuffing or dressing after the big meal?  You turn them into a delicious appetizer for the weekend.

These Deep Fried Cornbread Dressing Balls with Cranberry Dip are perfect for Sunday afternoon snacking!

Drizzling honey on party of the pull apart puff pastry

27. Pumpkin Pull Apart Pastry

This flaky Pumpkin Pull Apart Puff Pastry is the perfect addition to your holiday party. Filled with roasted garlic, goat cheese, and pumpkin!

Sweet and Spicy Pimento Cheese Bread Recipe sliced on a dark platter

28. Pimento Cheese Bread

This sweet and spicy pimento cheese bread has it all! Pimento cheese, sweet and spicy pepper jelly, and topped with crunchy kettle chips for texture!

spoon over deviled eggs with mustard seeds

29. Honey Mustard Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs take a walk on the wild side with mustard, pickled mustard seeds, and a seared little smoky!  My Honey Mustard Deviled Eggs will take you for a wild walk too!

Fall Spiced Nuts

Spiced Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas)
Light and crispy with a warm, nutty flavor, these spiced pumpkin seeds are a delicious snack. Add a bowl of these to your cheese board for easy entertaining!
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While you are waiting around for dinner, grab a handful of these autumn inspired snack mixes that will have you loving sweater weather!

pile of crackers
Savory Pie Crust Crackers – Easy Mushroom, Rosemary, Parmesan Crackers
Looking for an easy savory snack to make for a party or a lazy weekend afternoon? These buttery and flaky pie crust crackers are studded with earthy mushrooms, fragrant rosemary, and nutty parmesan cheese! Great for eating with cheese and olives or all by themselves!
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Harvest Caramel Corn
Harvest Caramel Corn is a great Fall treat or Thanksgiving dessert the features salty popcorn, creamy caramel and sweet chocolate. So very delicious and easy to make!
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Maple Pumpkin Trail Mix
Maple Pumpkin Fall Harvest Trail Mix
My maple pumpkin fall harvest trail mix recipe is salty, spicy, and sweet and is the perfect healthy homemade snack recipe for road trips or after school activities
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Back to School – Apple Cinnamon Brain Fuel
Snack mix made with wholesome ingredients full of cinnamon and apple flavors.
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Cinnamon Sugar Sweet and Salty Chex Mix
Cinnamon Sugar Sweet and Salty Chex Mix
Cinnamon Sugar Sweet and Salty Chex Mix recipe is an easy snack mix that combines the best of both sweet and salty for a Chex mix that will feed a crowd!
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Cheese Platter and Small Bites

You can't go wrong with a cheese board or charcuterie platter and these fall inspired ones are just what you want to serve at your gathering!

Apricot Ricotta Honey Basil Bites
These Apricot Ricotta Honey Basil Bites are a perfect fall appetizer to serve at a dinner party.
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Baked apple chips on a wooden serving board
Baked Cinnamon Sugar Apple Chips
Baked Apple Chips make the perfect Fall snack and the best part is that they are healthy and super delicious, which is a win-win in my book. All you do is slice each apple SUPER thin, sprinkle them with cinnamon-sugar and let the oven do the rest. Easy peasy!
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Maple Caramel Bacon Crack
It’s highly addictive and extremely delicious. Smoky, sweet, crunchy, buttery, chewy — the perfect conglomerate of badassness.
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Pumpkin Spice Chex Party Mix Board
Pumpkin Spice Chex Party Mix Board
Pumpkin Spice Chex Party Mix Board is tasty for the holiday season. Make for your go-to snack for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas and EASY gift-giving!
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Make An Easy Autumn Leaf Wreath Cheese Platter
I love the festive look of this cheese platter. It's both food and decoration for your table.
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How To Make The Ultimate Autumn Harvest Cheese Board
After you serve up this glorious board, no one will feel like your Thanksgiving dinner is missing a damn thing.
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Fall Appetizers

Baked Brie Recipes

Easy Baked Brie with Figs and Honey
Easy Baked Brie with Figs and Honey ~ this elegant baked cheese is your ultimate Fall and holiday appetizer, but it’s so rich and decadent you could even serve it for dessert!
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Easy Baked Brie Pumpkin
The sweet, autumn spiced pumpkin butter pairs wonderfully with the delicious, gooey brie.
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Dried Fruit and Pistachio Baked Brie
This Dried Fruit and Pistachio Baked Brie is an elegant and delicious appetizer recipe that is perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve holiday parties.
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Brown Butter Fig and Pear Bake Brie | Fall Appetizers
Brown Butter Fig & Pear Baked Brie
This creamy Brown Butter Fig & Pear Baked Brie is both elegant and comforting, and is sure to be the hit of any holiday or cold weather party! Figs, pears, pecans, and a little sweetness bring out the best in your favorite soft cheese.
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Fall Dips and Hummus

Hot Cheesy Roasted Brussels Sprout Dip
Roasted Brussels sprouts in a creamy hot melted cheese dip!
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Bacon Beer Cheese Dip
Bacon, beer, and cheese come together to create the most addictive bacon beer cheese dip you could ever dip your chips in! This delicious dip recipe is perfect for game day snacking or anytime you need to have a delicious dip out for guests.
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Roasted Butternut Hummus with Crispy Fried Sage
This roasted butternut hummus is smoky, slightly sweet, and has an earthy punch from the crispy fried sage leaves and sage oil drizzled over the top.
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Smoky Chipotle Pumpkin hummus
Smoky Chipotle Pumpkin Hummus
This Smoky Chipotle Pumpkin Hummus is creamy, warming, soothing, seasonal, slightly spicy, and chock-full of protein, fiber, and antioxidants.
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Fall Tarts

Gather a few ingredients and preset them in an elegant and classy way by turning them into a tart. These fall tarts are perfect for any season!

Pear Feta Tart
Sweet and salty individual tarts made with pears, feta cheese, and a drizzle of honey.
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Savory Apple Sausage Tart
Caramelized onions, spicy Italian sausage, and sweet apple on an herbed ricotta, spread over puff pastry – whether served as an appetizer or snack, this Savory Apple Sausage Tart is sure to please any fall flavor-loving crowd!
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French Onion Tartlets Recipe
These French Onion Tartlets are the appetizer for any of your party needs. Whether it’s for holiday gatherings or dinner parties or extravagant soirees or even weddings, these poppable savory bites are perfect for all occasions.
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Gruyere Mushroom & Caramelized Onion Bites Recipe
Caramelized onion bites with sautéed Cremini mushrooms, balsamic caramelized onions, and applewood smoked gruyere cheese. They’re made with puff pastry and take no time at all to whip up! These are the perfect appetizers to serve your guests this holiday season.
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Brie, Blackberry Jam, and Crescent Dough Appetizer
This easy baked brie appetizer recipe combines soft brie, blackberry jam, fresh sage, and crescent dough into easy-to-serve pinwheels.
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Crostini and Bruschetta

Nothing says hearty finger food better than crostini or bruschetta. Warm, crusty bread slathered and topped with all the goodness of fall!

Best Brussels Sprout Crostini
Shredded Brussels sprouts sautéed in a mixture of garlic and crushed red pepper, then topped on toasts with white cheddar will leave you saying "Insane!" in the best way.
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Brie, Apple, and Honey Crostini
Brie, Apple, and Honey Crostini-this easy appetizer is perfect for holiday parties! It takes 15 minutes to make and everyone loves it!
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Pumpkin Bruschetta
Pumpkin, Ricotta & Arugula Bruschetta
Perfectly delicious, this pumpkin bruschetta is super easy to make, packs a stunning presentation, and is delightfully bite-sized.
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Butternut Squash Apple Bruschetta
Butternut squash & apples are roasted in fall spices for a delicious twist on bruschetta, making this vegetarian recipe the perfect appetizer for fall!
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close up of Roasted Cranberry Ricotta Crostini on a cutting board
Honey Roasted Cranberry Ricotta Crostini
Get in the holiday spirit with some honey roasted cranberries. Drizzle these on top of a creamy bed of orange flecked ricotta cheese on a crispy baguette and you’ll have a festive crostini appetizer for any party!
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Smoked Gouda & Apple Crostini drizzled with Honey
Smoked Gouda & Apple Crostini drizzled with Honey – an easy holiday appetizer with only 5 ingredients! This crostini hits all the high notes – sweet, salty, savory and crunchy!
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Fall Cheese Balls

Apple Cheddar Cheese Ball
This easy apple cheddar cheese ball recipe is sumptuously full of fall flavors from tangy apple and maple to sharp cheddar and toasted pecans.
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Fall ‘Apple’ Cheese Balls
These apple-shaped cheeseballs make the perfect fall cheeseball recipe for entertaining. With two flavor variations, there’s something everyone will love.
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Harvest Cheese Ball
This Harvest Cheese Ball is jeweled with the gorgeous colors of the season and inside has the surprise of craisins mixed with the cheese that gives it a pop of color.
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Sun-Dried Tomato Cheeseball Recipe
No matter the time of year, the bright and bold flavors of this Sun-Dried Tomato Cheeseball Recipe are sure to delight your guests. It’s the perfect autumn appetizer!
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Everything Bagel Cheeseball
No matter what time of year it is, this Everything Bagel Cheeseball is sure to delight your guests as the perfect fall appetizer. Shaped into a pumpkin, it makes the perfect fall treat.
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More Hearty Appetizers and Finger Foods

Next let's get to the heartier, more filling, appetizers.  These may still be finger foods but they are perfect for an evening Fall party where you want to serve food but not necessarily full entrees and meals.  These lists also include Fall appetizers for a crowd!

Sweet Sticky Maple Bacon Twists!
You need a fast and easy peasy appetizer that everyone will love. These Maple Bacon Cheese Twists are just what you are looking for! The sweet sticky maple syrup coats the crispy salty bacon all encased in flaky Puff Pastry, your guests will love them.
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Savory Palmiers with Bacon, Swiss, and Caramelized Onions
Turn puff pastry into savory palmiers for a convenient and versatile appetizer. Prep in advance and freeze for easy entertaining!
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Potato and Zucchini Chips with Bacon, Gorgonzola, and Thyme
Up your chip game with these indulgent homemade Potato and Zucchini Chips with Bacon, Gorgonzola, and Thyme. Perfect for year-round entertaining!
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Butternut Squash & Bacon Deviled Eggs
Mixing butternut squash purée and a pinch of nutmeg into deviled egg filling adds a tinge of sweetness that’s offset with a dash of cayenne and some crispy savory bacon on top to spice things up.
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Cheesy Meatball Skillet Dip!
Cheesy Meatball Skillet Dip!
Cheesy Meatball Skillet Dip is a quick appetizer that your guests will love. Tender meatballs, with a light tomato sauce with lots of melty cheeses for complete comfort food.
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Creamy Tomato Soup Shooters
Creamy tomato soup pairs perfectly with grilled cheese sticks!
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Cranberry BBQ meatballs being stirred
Cranberry BBQ Meatballs
These Cranberry Barbecue Meatballs are incredibly easy to make. They require just three simple ingredients and can be made right on the stovetop, or for convenience, in your slow cooker.
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apple cider maple meatballs
Slow Cooker Apple Cider Maple Meatballs
Easy Slow Cooker Apple Cider Maple Meatballs have all the flavors of fall in a tasty little package! Perfect for your next game day celebration!
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bacon wrapped brussels sprouts on a white plate
Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Mayo Dip
A fall appetizer favorite — roasted Brussels sprouts wrapped with crispy bacon slices, dipped in a balsamic vinegar and mayonnaise sauce.
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Best Jalapeño Popper Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe
Spicy and Earthy and perfect for chilly weather!
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Sweet Potato Cakes with Black Bean Salsa
Sweet Potato Cakes with Black Bean Salsa made me truly believe that sweet potatoes are delicious. This is hands down my favorite appetizer I have ever made.
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Gouda Mac N Cheese!
Homemade gouda mac n cheese recipe is creamy, extra velvety and swirls perfectly around al dente pasta with extra cheese sauce in each crevice for pure deliciousness in each forkful.
Check out this recipe
Best Bloomin’ Onion Bites
Miniature onions fried to a crispy delicious bite!
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cranberry chicken salad on apple slices
Cranberry Chicken Salad on Apple Slices
Healthy and delicious, these will have you loving apple season all over again!
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Fall Party Ideas

Every party needs food and drinks, but it also needs a little atmosphere.  Check out a few ideas for fall party themes and decorations. Ideas for a door hanger to great your guests and tablescapes or centerpieces to decorate your tables and fireplace mantles.

24 Fall Door Decorations
To start, upgrade your home decor this season with eye-catching fall door decorations, be it a gorgeous wreath or decorative sign.
Read More
Fall Centerpiece
This easy centerpiece idea will have you falling in love with gathering around the table again!
Check out this recipe
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I hope this helps you put together the Ultimate Fall Party this holiday season! Shoot me a pic and tag me on social media!

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More Fall Roundups!

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