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Technically, anything can be a snack if eaten at the right time and in the right portion size.  A slice of cold pizza or a handful of roasted nuts qualify as a “snack” but when I think of snacks to share, I picture a specific recipe that is to be treated and served as a snack. Something that can stand on it’s own merit and not an afterthought when rummaging around the house.

A snack should be something easy to eat with your fingers and doesn’t require a fork.  And it if you need to “make” or cook it, it shouldn’t take a long time. Or is something you can make in bulk, store for a long time, and can just grab and go.

The best snacks on the planet are by far salty snacks!  Preferably something that can fill you up with a small portion like my buttery toasted pecans.

These foods of convenience their simplicity and complexity alike, and the majority of these tasty snack foods are also some of the most addictive and tastiest foods on the planet.  My Comeback Crackers fall into this category for sure.

Whether it be a between meal bite or a game day grab, snacking is truly an art form.  They must be easy to eat and satisfy all the cravings and get you to the next meal.

This list of snacks includes all the best ones if you prefer healthy, like my power balls, or down right guilty pleasures, like my redneck snack mix.

The perfect snacks to satisfy a hungry crowd before dinner are right here are you fingertips.  Check out all these snack mixes, seasoned crackers, nuts, and other finger foods!