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These 50 beautiful and REFRESHING mocktails are just what you need to COOL DOWN this summer!

Kids of all ages will enjoy these and you won’t even miss the alcohol!

pinterest collage of 50 mocktails for summer

Cocktails are refreshing and flavorful, so it’s no wonder they’re a popular choice when the weather heats up.

In fact, they can be so enticing that they’re hard to pass up – even when you’re not trying to get drunk at noon.

If you have more than one, you may be setting yourself up for a nasty hangover.

These delicious drinks also present a challenge for pregnant women, children who want to try them, and people with health issues that keep them from drinking alcohol.

When alcohol for all just won’t cut it, mocktails leave no guest out of the party.

By replacing liquor with non-alcoholic bases, you can whip up and serve tasty treats that won’t leave you (or your friends) with a headache.

Delicious Mocktails for Summer

These mocktails let everyone enjoy a cold beverage on a hot day. The colors and flavors in these recipes work well with many summer party themes, so you can whip some up for your next large gathering.

Which non-alcoholic treat is going on your menu this summer?

Now, you won’t need to hold yourself back from having another glass of your favorite drink – it won’t make you feel silly!

pinterest collage of 50 mocktails for summer

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