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If you are looking for some healthy snacks these spiced nuts are just what you are looking for!

From my Fall Spiced Walnuts which are the tastiest gourmet nuts for the holidays, to my Pickled Boiled Peanuts which make the best finger snacks for parties, I have all the best seasoned ones around!

The best way to start any of these recipes is to make sure you have the best tasting and freshest nuts around.

Then toast them to bring out their natural oils and flavors. My Buttery Toasted Pecans are the perfect place to start and get some great tips!

All of these recipes will give you the best snacks for when you are eating healthier or just looking for new toppings for salads, yogurt, ice cream sundaes.

With all these sweet and savory nuts and seeds you will have the best party nibbles around!