Sweet And Sour Meatballs 

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{Easy Crockpot Meatballs}

These sweet and sour meatballs use Russian dressing and apricot preserves for a new spin on a crock-pot classic!  With 4 ingredients and less than 5 minutes of prep, your dinner or party appetizer is ready to feed a crowd.

I hope you enjoy these tangy sweet crockpot meatballs at your next party, for an easy midweek meal over rice, or for a lazy Sunday afternoon watching football!


Combine the dressing, apricot preserves, and Worcestershire sauce. Stir to mix.

Add the frozen cooked meatballs to the crockpot or slow cooker. Pour the sauce over the meatballs. Stir to coat evenly.

Cook on high for 2 hours or low for 3-4 hours. If you are using an Instant Pot, cook on high for 7  minutes.

Serve with toothpicks or mini forks. You can keep hot on the low warm setting during the party. Enjoy!

For The Full Recipe and  detailed instructions, please see the recipe card.

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