Sweet Potato Latkes

take 2 tapas

Air Fryer Recipe

These Air Fryer Sweet Potato Latkes are oil free and super quick to make.

Perfectly crisp on the outside, tender on the inside. Served with a slightly sweet vanilla yogurt and topped with toasted pecans.


Sweet potatoes are traditionally eaten with cinnamon and marshmallows, so I thought a slightly sweet yogurt would pair nicely. The sprinkling of toasted pecans add even more crunch!


This recipe is made in the air fryer and only contain a spritz of coconut oil to add color when air frying. These definitely have less calories and fat than traditional latkes.

Grate the sweet potato.

Add egg & matzo meal.

Mix to combine.

Scoop & form into patties.

Place in air fryer.

Air fry for 8-15 minutes.

Make dip with yogurt.

Mix vanilla and chill.