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Dried Beef andĀ  Onion Spread

Chipped Beef Dip is a fun twist on the classic get-together appetizer; the Chipped Beef Cheese Ball! This easy-to-make dip can be served hot or cold and with buttery crackers or crisp veggies.

This ultra decadent and savory dip is easy-to-make, comes together in the matter of minutes, and is bursting with flavors.


Chipped beef is beef that has been salted, pressed, dried, and thinly sliced. Often called dried beef, it can be found near the bacon or deli meats section of the grocer in flash sealed pouches.

Ingredients > cream cheese > sour cream > chipped beef > onions

Combine cream cheese and sour cream

Add remaining ingredients

Mix to completely combine

Serve With Crackers